December 18, 2013

New Tools For Keeping Track Of Employee Availability


We are always striving to provide you with new tools that will help you manage your employees easier. Take a look at some new, helpful features that were recently added to our Humanity software.

Hourly Availability

This new feature will give you a clear overview of employee availability in your organization for a certain time period.

You can access this feature by opening the Reports tab and then clicking on the Hourly Availability link.

The selected time frame for the table is displayed in the top left corner above the table.

You can also print your reports or export them in .csv or .xslx formats by clicking on appropriate buttons located on the top right corner above the table.

The desired time frame can be changed through a drop down menu or by entering the date information in the appropriate fields. You can also apply different filters to generate data by selecting one or more of the following criteria: employee, location, position or skill.

You can also use the “coloring” option to make the table easier to read. There is also a “colorblind” setting for this option.

The table can be setup to show different time intervals for availability. It can be set to show it hourly or in smaller intervals of 15 minutes.


Additional Availability Tools

Within the Approve Weekly Availability Changes, Vacation Requests and Approve Future Availability Changes, managers will find the Check button that will provide them with a clear overview for employee availability before they approve or deny a certain request.

This button will open up a popup window where they can see all the data sorted in tables which can additionally be filtered based on skill, position and location. The filter drop down menu is located in the top right corner of the window

The Check button will provide the manager with an hourly availability report for all positions that are being influenced by the requesting user.

In the Future Availability and Vacation Requests, the Check button will show the report for requesting employee’s position availability for all the dates that are included in the request.

In the Approve Weekly Availability Changes, the Check button will take you to the report that will show  the weekly availability for the positions of the requesting employee for all days of the week.

Managers can click on any part of the table in order to open up an additional section on the left side of the window. Depending on the selected field of the table , this list will display all employees that are relevant for that field.


If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding these features, you can email us at, call us at 1.888.973.6030 or just post in the comment section below.