December 26, 2012

New Training Topic Quiz Feature Ensures Effective Human Resource Management

With every organization, it is essential to have proper employee training and development. When new company rules or policies are put in place, every staff member should be notified and review it accordingly. Our application has a training feature that allows managers to create training topics for employees to review. To be more confident that your staff is thoroughly going through the training topics and to ensure effective human resource management, our application now offers a training quiz feature that can be required of each topic.

Under the ‘Dashboard’ Tab, click on ‘Training’ on the left sidebar.

The ‘Training’ window will come up with a list of various training ‘Topics’ and each topic’s content.

To edit the information text of a particular training topic, click on the ‘Edit This Topic’ link on the upper right corner.

When this link is clicked, you will be able to edit the training topic’s details. There are options to: (1) rename the ‘Title’ of the training topic, (2) turn on ‘Silent Edit’, which allows for editing the training topic without requiring users to go through it again, (3) upload ‘Attachments’, (4) type in or change ‘Content’ text, (5) assign training topic to staff members, separated by ‘Position’, ‘Group’, ‘Skill’, or ‘User’, and to (6) add a ‘Topic Quiz’ for this training topic.

Topic Quiz

With the option of creating a ‘Topic Quiz’ for each training topic, managers are assured that employees are reading the training content in order to complete the quiz. Just click ‘Add Question’ when editing a training topic to include a ‘Topic Quiz’.

Enter the text for the question and three answer options in the respective fields, identifying the correct answer by selecting it. There is no limit as to how many questions can be created but only three answer options are allowed for each question.

When an employee is going through certain training topics, it may require a digital signature submittal. If there is a ‘Topic Quiz’ created with a training topic, it will pop up after submitting their signature.

The questions will appear one at a time, with the three answer options available for bubbling in. The ‘Next question’ button will be greyed out until after an answer has been selected for that question. If answered incorrectly, a red ‘X’ will appear with a grey checkmark next to the correct answer. If answered correctly, a green checkmark will appear.

Show Advanced Options
Also included in the training feature of the application are these ‘Advanced Options’ that allows managers to better organize and utilize this feature.

The ‘Section’ drop-down menu allows the manager to select which section to have the training topic listed under.

Child Edit
If you are using our multi-account platform, turning this option ‘On’ allows child accounts to have the ability to edit a particular training topic.

Digital Signature
Turning this option ‘On’ will require the employee to provide a digital signature of their correct ‘Full Name’, as set in their profile. This replaces the check box that is shown with ‘I’ve reviewed this’.

Download PDF
This option controls the ability for staff to download a training topic as a PDF file. In this option, PDF downloads can be set to ‘Store Default’, ‘Enable’ or ‘Disable’ for each individual training topic. If the ‘Store Default’ setting is to allow PDF downloads and a training topic is set to ‘Disable’, employees are not allowed to download the said training topic. If the ‘Store Default’ setting does not allow PDF downloads and a training topic is set to ‘Enable’, employees are able to download that training topic. If it is set as ‘Store Default’, that training topic PDF download will follow the general setting.

This option allows for feedback comments on the training topic. The default setting is on ‘Disable’ but if you set it on ‘Comments’, there is an option to allow only ‘Managers’ or “Managers/Employees’ to see and post comments for the training topic.

This option allows for tagged employees to send in homework. The ‘Homework’ option can also be set to allow only ‘Managers’ or ‘Managers/Employees’ to view.

To include a video in the training topic, simply input the YouTube ID in the provided ‘Video’ field.

Once a video is added, it will appear in the body of the tutorial.

This ‘Tutorial’ drop-down menu will provide a list of Humanity tutorials that you can include (i.e. ‘Getting Started Guide’).

Once set, managers can view staff quiz percentage scores in the ‘Completed Status’ area. This allows managers the ability to track effectiveness of overall human resource management.

We hope our application’s training topic and topic quiz features make it easier for your staff to go through appropriate training on their individual time, minimizing training date postponement or employee absences caused by schedule conflicts, while improving overall human resource management.

Happy Scheduling!

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