July 26, 2013

Import Your Company’s Holidays and Events Calendar into Humanity with the New “iCal Feature”


Humanity is always looking for improvements which will help our customers and make their life easy. We have a really talented team who is working hard to look for new features and add it to our application as fast as they can, but the most important thing is that we improve our application continuously by listening to the needs of our valued customers and we have done it pretty well.

Today we are happy to announce that our new iCal feature is live.

What is iCal Feature and how is it helpful?

The iCal feature helps you to import your yearly events and/or holidays into Humanity with ease. Yes, now you can easily import your Google, iOS and many other calendars into Humanity.

The idea here is to import holiday calendar or your custom business calendar marked with your own events. This will be helpful for managers and or admins to have ability to see events, holidays related to your business all in one place; therefore; it will be easy to manage certain scheduling activities for your business as you can have a better view of annual holidays and events.

How can I access this feature and how to use it?

Once you login to your Humanity account go to Admin >> Import Calendar *Beta

If you want to import holiday calendar, we have already added yearly holiday calendars for a number of countries,

You can select the holiday calendar you want to import and click submit.

E.g. You want to import USA holidays then,
– Select “USA Holiday” calendar from the drop-down 
– Click submit. 
You will see the USA Holiday calendar right below the form as shown below,

In order to import your own custom calendar, you have to do the following procedure,
– Name your calendar 
– Paste the URL of the calendar file you generated 
– Select the appropriate .ics file from the folder you saved in 
(Important Note: It is important that you should have calendar file with .ics format)

Next, you will see the following:

– Press submit.

Now you should see the calendar you imported listed right below the form

We hope this iCal feature will help you better manage your business schedule giving you view of current & future events and holidays.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to comment below, email us at, or tweet us @Humanity.