November 30, 2012

Online Restaurant Scheduling & Communication Software Is Perfect for Updating Restaurant Staff

“One half of all adults have worked in the restaurant industry at some point in their lives,” according to the National Restaurant Association. This means a significant amount of people have experienced the chaos that comes with knowing your work schedule: what time your shift is, who you’re working with during your scheduled shift, where the paper schedule spreadsheet is posted, when you are finally satisfied with your shift trade, etc. With Humanity, restaurant scheduling and communication with staff about any updates are efficient and a lot easier!

Having a robust restaurant scheduling and communication software is crucial for a restaurant to run smoothly and successfully. With the nature of the restaurant industry, busy hours such as “lunch rush” and quiet hours that are dubbed “happy hour” to attract customers exist on a near-daily basis. The amount of staff a restaurant needs can vary dramatically in a single business day; it all depends on the amount of customers during a certain time frame. Employee scheduling is a time-consuming task and with paper schedules and excel spreadsheets, how can you be confident that your restaurant has a good employee-to-customer ratio and staff who knows exactly when they are scheduled to work a shift?

Humanity provides an intuitive restaurant scheduling and communication software solution that allows for easy online access to employee schedules on any computer browser and mobile device. Since our employee scheduling software is cloud-based, both managers and employees have the ability to view the most updated schedule just by opening the online application. Any changes to the employee schedule will send an email and/or text message so staff members are immediately notified, regardless of where they are, and without the need to come in and hunt for the excel spreadsheet.