July 6, 2012

Our Improved Weekly Availability Feature Allows You To Create More Accurate & Conflict-Free Staff Schedules

“Weekly Availability” is meant to be set for routine events and general weekly availability, not intended to be changed on a daily basis by staff. This feature is used as a guide for you to determine your staff’s actual schedule and will help create conflict-free staff schedules / avoid any schedule conflicts. For one time appointments or meetings, our “Future Availability” may be more appropriate. In our new ‘Weekly Availability’ system, you can have staff get your approval before they make any changes to their availability.

You can turn this feature on or off under the ‘Admin’ tab. Click on ‘Account Settings’ and scroll down to the subheading ‘Vacation/Availability Settings’ and mark the checkbox next to ‘Availability must be approved by management.’ to turn this feature on.


Employees can then set their own availability from their own personal Humanity accounts. As a manager, to find the weekly availability of any given staff member, go to the ‘Staff’ tab. Click on the desired staff member and ‘Availability’. Our new weekly availability view now looks like the image below, with pinkish boxes indicating the time periods where the staff member is unavailable and green boxes indicating when the staff member is available to work:


If the “Availability Approval” feature is turned on, a staff member will see their ‘Approved Availability’ and can edit it when necessary. As before, you can choose to work in fifteen-minute or hour intervals, by clicking on the link below the availability table.

They can change their availability by clicking and selecting the time slots. Once the changes are made, the staff member can click on the green ‘Submit for Approval’ button.

Once submitted, the request(s) will appear in your alerts on your Dashboard, like below.


By clicking on the link, you will be brought directly to the ‘Requests’ tab and specifically ‘Weekly Availability’. Here, you will see a list of the employees and the changes they have made to their availability.


When you click on one of the employee’s names, you will see their specific availability. The proposed changed time slots will have diagonal lines through them. Now, you can then approve or reject the changes by clicking the appropriate button.

We hope you find our improved availability feature more visually appealing and easier to use!