July 6, 2012

Our New Custom Reports Feature Enables You To Create The Exact Report You’re Looking For


Don’t see the exact report you’re looking for? Why not create your own report!

In our ‘Custom Reports’ section, you can now select from an ever expanding list of ‘Custom Reports’ where you can select what you want to see. Generating business reports is useful, and crucial, for any business owner or manager. Our comprehensive reports, that can be created at a moment’s notice, give you exact data in an intuitive and user-friendly format. Humanity delivers the data you need, in the format you prefer, so you can make everyday decisions for your business. Our new custom reports further your ability to do just that.

To begin, go to the ‘Reports’ tab and click on ‘Custom Reports’, below ‘All Reports’.

From the first dropdown menus, choose the type of report you want to see. Reports available are all timesheets, confirmed timesheets, shifts schedules and shifts confirmed.


Time Sheets 
This particular report uses unapproved or unconfirmed timesheets generated with our time clock feature. Check the fields you would like to appear in the report.

Once you select your field, you can generate your own custom report. And we offer the same filter options as our other reports, so you can filter by employees, positions, skills, and dates.

Confirmed Time Sheets 

This report has the following available fields using time sheets that have been approved or confirmed in the ‘Time Clock’ tab. As with other reports, you can filter by date, position, employee or skills.

Shifts Scheduled 
This report has the following fields available for use, which are all schedule related. The data can then be further filtered by date, position, employee or skill.

Shifts Confirmed 
The following fields are available for this report, which is compiled using shifts that have been approved or confirmed (if you are using the shift approval feature). Again, you can filter by position, skills, employee or date.

We hope our custom fields allow you to generate business specific reports that give you exactly the information you are looking for.