August 8, 2012

Humanity Becomes Even More Robust with Vacations Visible in Schedules! Training Is Also More Accessible!


We are constantly looking for ways to better our application and make it most user-friendly, cost-efficient and time saving for our users. We are really excited about two new features we have just released. Our vacation tracking and leave management features are already saving users time and makes our scheduler more robust. As employees and managers can easily communicate availability and vacation requests directly from Humanity, scheduling is more conflict-free and efficient. And it just got better and more visual – you can now see who is on vacation, on any given day, from the scheduler! Additionally, our ‘Training’ module allows you to train your employees (old and new) from one centralized location, so that all your business data is consolidated and easily accessible leading to great human resource management. We have added a great new feature that allows you to control whether employees can download topics as PDFs or not.

Vacation Tracking 

Vacation tracking and leave management are easy with Humanity’s software solution. With easy to set up rules such as the number of days an employee can take off per year, and a maximum number of staff members that are allowed on vacation at any given time, you can finally take control of your vacation and leave management!

We have added a great new feature that improves scheduling overviews and makes it even easier to keep track of staff that are on vacation. In the scheduler (when you are in employee and week view), you can easily see which employees are on vacation. On the first day of their vacation, you can also see the number of days they are on vacation for, in the parentheses after ‘On Vacation’.

Download Training Topics as PDF Files 

Our flexible staff training module is the perfect place to train your staff! You can easily create new training sections and topics, assign them to specific or all employees and also track their progress. This provides you with real insight and ensures that your policies, training, and communications are being reviewed by your staff. Furthermore, if you make any changes, you can also ensure that all relevant staff members have re-reviewed the given training topic.

We like to keep our application and all of our features accessible at all times to all users. To further this, we give you and your employees the ability to download training topics as PDF files. This recent feature was previously always on, however, we now give you the option to turn this off so that your employees are unable to download topics as a PDF file. We leave that choice up to you! 

To turn this on, click on ‘Training’ on the left from your ‘Dashboard’. Choose from the dropdown menu beside ‘Download PDF’ to enable or disable this feature. The default setting enables users to download topics as PDF files. Now, employees can click the download link, shown below, within each training topic to download the topic. 

We hope you find these two new features enable you and your staff to further grow and build your business!