August 2, 2012

Perfect Synchronization And Seamless Coordination Were Key To Our Wizard’s Rowing Success


Rowing requires perfect synchronization and a lot of coordination – just like scheduling and employee management. Keeping strokes in sync with fellow teammates is vital to achieve efficient rowing and maximum speed. Staying connected and coordinating perfect timing with one another can make or break a boat. The Wizard, an expert in this field, has had a lot of fun in these rowing races and will be bringing home the gold!

”Being able to bring back the gold for Humanity… it is an amazing feeling. We were all in sync and felt so powerful out there today. I still can’t believe it.” – The Humanity Wizard

As any and every athlete in the world, one must balance training and competing with other aspects and activities. Whether an athlete is balancing their practice schedule with a job, a social life or otherwise, synchronizing calendars and managing schedules accurately is essential as nobody wants to be double booked at any time. Humanity’s application has allowed the Wizard to balance his array of athletic commitments as well as his duties at the Humanity office. Using our calendar synchronization features, the Wizard never misses a thing and can schedule his busy life in a matter of seconds. His work schedule alongside his other appointments and events in Outlook, iCal, Google Calendar and more!

Socializing workplace processes is becoming increasingly popular as the social era has reinvented how employees and employers connect and collaborate in the workplace and beyond. Using a social workforce platform, like Humanity’s application, can boost morale and encourage healthy, productive and strong relationships between employees. This ultimately creates a working environment where employees can thrive, and thus your business will, too.

The Humanity Wizard and his team were fortunate enough to have an extremely well oiled software solution behind them. The Humanity application allows organizations and businesses to socialize the process of scheduling and clocking through integrations and synchronization with Google Apps, Facebook, Twitter, 100+ email providers and more! This seamless coordination and ease of use was crucial to the success of this, and any, boat – particularly at the Olympic level.

Furthermore, Humanity’s single sign-on capabilities make workforce management and scheduling processes even more synchronized and easy to use. Organizations can extend their existing central user management system and users can use one username and password to sign into multiple applications, making it easier for users to manage their lives. And as an added bonus, Humanity makes it easy for managers to deal with payroll processes with our payroll integration features! With a single click, you can easily export your business data and import it into your favorite 3rd party payroll provider.

We wanted to congratulate our Wizard for blowing away the competition! “The Other Guys”, Pen & Paper and Excel just couldn’t compete or come close to keeping up with the Humanity boat, led by our all mighty Wizard. Balance, effortless synchronization and seamless coordination are the keys to working. Congrats to the Wizard and the Humanity boat for a brilliant effort!

GO TEAM Humanity!

Happy Scheduling!