July 22, 2010

Post Announcements and Keep Staff Communication Open Using the Message Wall


Keeping communication open among staff members is now easier then ever using the new ‘Message Wall’. The message wall is very customizable allowing each business to set it up and use in a way that best fits their organization. The default settings for the message wall allow only managers to submit messages, with employees having the ability to leave comments. This keeps the majority of the control in the hands of management to post announcements, important links, etc.

The message wall can also easily be opened up to allow for staff posting of messages, which will help to create a more social environment within Humanity to allow staff to post messages on company events, or personal announcements,etc.

We recommend opening the message wall up to staff members as well and using the wall in a hybrid format for both company announcements, which can be locked at the top, as well as open staff communication.

Let’s take a look at what it looks like:


By default the message wall is turned on and allows for staff commenting. Original posts can only be posted by management. This can be edited under ‘Admin’ -> ‘Edit Settings’:

Posting on the wall itself, or leaving a comment is super easy. Just click on ‘New Message’, or ‘Comment’, and it will bring up a message window:

When posting a message for the first time, you also have the option to go into a more advanced view, which is a common title/message format:

What it looks like in action: