February 16, 2023

How to Use the Publish Schedules Feature in Aladtec

tech tip

Allowing schedules to be published individually can be very helpful to administrators. Some departments only allow schedules to be visible for a few months out and some admins wish to “hide” the schedule when making changes before releasing it to members. Whatever the reason, a publishing option can be set for each individual schedule.  

To set publishing dates, go to Setup, then Schedules. From there, select the schedule and click on the Publish link. There are four publishing options to choose from: 

  • Disabled (default) – the schedule is always published 
  • Automatic – the schedule is published on a specific day and time of the month 
  • Manual – the schedule is published up to a specific month in the future 
  • Custom – the schedule is published based on a specific rotation 

Throughout the system, admins will easily see which schedules are unpublished. In the Hourly Editor and Word Schedule Views, each unpublished schedule will have an ‘unpublished’ indicator displayed next to the date or top of the screen, as shown below. 

MicrosoftTeams image 21

If you have any questions regarding this or any other topic, please contact Customer Support at, give us a call at 888.749.5550 or send us an online Chat from the Help section. Happy Scheduling!