July 9, 2012

Purple Foundation Uses Humanity to Facilitate Scheduling For Big Annual Fundraisers


Operating since 2001, Purple Foundation is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit, all-volunteer organization whose mission is to raise funds to improve the lives of people in the Dallas area who are living with or are affected by HIV/AIDS. With donated proceeds of more than $400,000, Purple Foundation has become an invaluable source of revenue for local charity organizations who reflect their mission. Each year, this organization produces a Purple Party ® Weekend in addition to other fundraising events throughout the year.

Purple Party Weekend is a sensational weekend of dance events that attract dance-music lovers from all over the world. It is one of the largest nonprofit, all-volunteer charity dance fundraisers in the country.

Being such a large organized function, completely run by volunteers, scheduling can be a big burden. With many other things to worry about and focus on, scheduling volunteers for shifts and communicating delegated tasks efficiently needs to be expedited and streamlined. Managing volunteers presents the unique challenge of providing a very simple means of communication to users that may only ultimately have contact with the scheduling tool once, if at all. Being able to manage volunteers without the requirement of their intervention or learning is a must.

Purple Foundation turned to Humanity to deal with all scheduling related tasks for their Purple Party. Previously, scheduling was done by hand and with spreadsheets that had to be shared among volunteers. Thirteen volunteers make up their board (four on the executive board and nine on the associate board). During their larger events, like the Purple Party, they manage approximately 75-100 additional volunteers.

Since they switched to Humanity, they have saved an incredible amount of time and confusion when it comes to scheduling and communicating information (about shifts and otherwise) to volunteers. Being able to save time and effort with a more seamless scheduling method, allows Purple Foundation to focus on raising money at their big fundraisers and putting on a great dance party.

”Support has been very responsive… very useful in our scheduling needs.” -Chris Huffstutler, Executive Board, Technology & Design Chair, Purple Foundation Inc.

The Humanity team thanks the Purple Foundation and congratulates them on their success with the Dallas Purple Party!