June 20, 2012

Reorder Sections and Topics In Our Training Tab To Stay Organized With Staff Training


Humanity’s ‘Training’ module adds another level of versatility and adaptability so that you can train your employees and rest assured that they are completing the necessary tasks in the exact way you desire. Our newest tab gives managers the ability to share the most up-to-date tutorials and training modules with employees. In order to further accommodate changes in your business and training regime, we have made it easy to reorder sections and topics in our already robust human resources related feature.

Under the ‘Training’ tab, you can order your staff training topics and sections, making it easy to manage and visualize. Keeping topics and sections organized gives you even more control over who has to complete each topic, and gives you greater insight into who has completed what. Managers have the permission level to reorder sections and topics – and it’s easy! Based on a simple click-and-drag system, you can organize and reorganize your employee training modules.

Here, the ‘About Us’ training topic is listed first in the welcome training section.

Below, the ‘About Us’ section was moved to last. 

Here, ‘Section 2’ has been moved to the top. 

Unfortunately, you can only click-and-drag to move topics within the same section, and at this time, you cannot drag a topic to a new section.

We hope you find this added staff training feature and the ‘Training’ tab useful! Please feel free to give us feedback on this feature or any other feature in our application, ask questions or voice your concerns by emailing