May 3, 2012

Maintain Effective Workplace Communication With Humanity’s Inbox Feature


Effective email communication is a necessity of everyday life; in and out of the workplace. Our workplace communication software allows you to keep all your work related business in one centralized place, separating your work life from your personal life. With our workforce management software, you can stay connected with colleagues whenever necessary. Between our ‘Ping’ SMS notifications, public ‘Message Wall’ and private ‘Inbox’, we have all your bases covered.

Humanity offers its own messaging framework from within the program, to improve employee and intra-business communication. Once you sign into our application, you can send and receive private messages from within your ‘Inbox’. When you send a private message to someone, the system will post the message in their ‘Inbox’ and it will send out a copy by email to the address that user has listed in their Humanity profile. This tool allows you to communicate quickly and clearly, which is a valuable tool in your workplace. Email can be a big productivity tool, and sometimes only certain people need to be reached. In cases where not all employees need to be contacted, private messaging will streamline workplace communication, avoid confusing staff who are not involved and keep necessary employees in the loop.

Accessing Your Inbox 
Sign into your Humanity profile and click on the ‘Inbox’ link in the upper left portion of the ‘Dashboard’ tab screen.

Composing and Sending a Message From Your Inbox 
From your ‘Inbox’, you can compose a new message by clicking the ‘Compose New Message’ button at the top right of the ‘Inbox’ screen.

You can chose to send the message to users in a ‘Group’, to ‘Individuals’ or a combination of the two. To select a group, click the group name underneath the ‘Send To:’ list. To select a single individual, click his or her name underneath the ‘Individuals’ list. Hold down the ‘Ctrl’ key (on a PC), or the ‘Command’ key (on a Mac) to select more than one group or individual from the list.

Enter a ‘Subject’ for your message in the subject box, and compose your message in the ‘Message:’ text box. When you are satisfied with your message and are ready to send it to the specified recipients, click the ‘Send Message’ button at the bottom of the screen. Click ‘Cancel’ to cancel and delete the drafted message.

New messages appear in your ‘Inbox’ when they are sent. Click the subject of the message to view it.

Deleting or Replying to a Message 
You can delete or reply to message by clicking on the desired message and then the ‘Delete’ or ‘Reply’ button, respectively. These two options are located in the upper right-hand corner of the message.

When you ‘Reply’ to a message, you have to choose who recieves the reply. Select recipients, type your reply message and click ‘Send’, as above.

Once your reply is sent, recipients will see the message in their ‘Inbox’ and there will be an alert on their ‘Dashboard’.

They will also receive an email of your message.

Watch our video below to learn more about how to send messages with our ‘Inbox’.

If you find yourself constantly communicating policy changes or alterations to your general business workflow, you could consider using our new ‘Training’ module feature. By creating a new training topic and selecting the specific employees the topic pertains to, those employees will be notified of the training topic and will be required to read and complete the tutorial. You, as a manager, will be able to keep track of who has read the training topic, and who has not. This is beneficial as you know your employees are not glancing over and ignoring important emails. Additionally, if you make updates to these training topics, employees are also notified of updates on their ‘Dashboard’. This means nothing goes unnoticed and any important information is conveyed to your employees.

We hope our extensive and integrated features help you run your business smoothly and efficiently.

Happy Scheduling!