March 4, 2017

ShiftPlanning Becomes Humanity


It’s with great pleasure that today we are announcing the final step in our brand and product transition from ShiftPlanning to Humanity!

Seven years ago, ShiftPlanning set out on a mission to replace Excel spreadsheets – moving the scheduling process to “the cloud” where the schedule wouldn’t just be an artifact that was posted on the wall of the staffroom, but rather a collaborative process that involved everyone, and would be available to everyone, everywhere.

Today over 50,000 workplaces around the globe are using ShiftPlanning Humanity to schedule their employees and while we haven’t fully eradicated the world of Excel (we will), we’ve definitely made significant progress!

Humanity marks a key milestone in our evolution from an online scheduling tool to an end-to-end platform that strives to build a dynamic workplace that puts people first. Today’s global “non-desk-based” workforce is made up of more than two billion people and we’re on a mission to improve their lives with tools that drive employee engagement while boosting productivity.

Empowering Employees and Managers

Recently, we’ve seen a distinct change in terms of what today’s generation of employees wants from their work experience.

It’s no longer simply about how much money you make, it’s about being part of a positive company culture, being able to balance your work and personal life better and being more proactive in the workplace. According to recent studies, providing employees with more autonomy in the workplace is the best way to keep them motivated and productive.

Humanity is all about empowering employees to take an active part in their worklife and giving them more independence. They can use our mobile app from remote work locations and receive instant communications from managers and coworkers. They can initiate shift trade requests with coworkers and ask for time off without having to go through management. Staff can also self-manage their availability so schedulers know what days and hours they would prefer to work and when they’d rather not!

Using Humanity helps build trust between management and staff. And by providing workers with more autonomy, business owners can spend more time leading their teams instead of micromanaging them. Empowering employees give managers more time to focus on higher value tasks that can make their businesses grow.

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One Platform for All Your Workforce Management Needs

Today, the Humanity platform offers much more than just online scheduling to its users, allowing business owners to manage just about every facet of their operations quickly and securely in the cloud.

Humanity keeps you and your staff connected, at all times and from any device. From a simple intuitive dashboard employees and managers have access to all the information they need to improve productivity at work, from last minute scheduling updates to a training module to stay on top of their game, all with one powerful platform. Just like your workforce, Humanity is mobile. We let you manage your staff right from your pocket and give businesses an honest and effective way to organize remote workers.

From mom-and-pop shops to Fortune 500 companies, Humanity is for everyone. It’s easy enough for local small businesses to use to make schedules and keep track of clock times. At the same time, Humanity’s powerful budgeting and auto-scheduling features can streamline the complex staff scheduling processes of a large corporation.

Whether you’re a restaurant, bar, retail store, healthcare provider, call center or construction company, our application can be personalized to fit the scheduling needs of literally any and all industry types.

Humanity is also part of an ever-expanding partner ecosystem and can be seamlessly synced with a constantly growing list of popular business applications and tools that your business may already be using.

What’s Coming?

There’s a lot to be excited about! But first, many thanks to our customers, investors, and team for sharing this journey with us. We’re grateful for your support and could not have reached this milestone without you!

Flying under our new colors we’re doubling down on our customer-first approach to business and looking forward to delivering upon that promise in version 2.0 of our company and product.

Here’s what you can expect from Humanity in 2017.

-A continued revamp and improvement of our user interface.
-New mobile apps on the way.
-We’ve already released a new time clocking tablet app called Station.
-Tons of new integrations/partners.
-And lot’s more!

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Ryan Fyfe

Founder & CEO