April 21, 2020

Six Ways Municipality Staff Scheduling Software Simplifies Scheduling for City Managers


City departments, including health services, utilities, sanitation, public safety, parks, and recreation departments all have a common goal – to provide excellent service to the community. Department managers understand that to achieve that objective, they must effectively manage the city employees who work to deliver essential community services and keep cities operational 24/7/365.

Managing human resources can be challenging in any city, no matter its size. There are multiple departments, and each requires employees with unique skill sets. Many city department leaders have discovered that employee scheduling software helps improve communication with employees and simplifies the entire scheduling process.

Here are some ways online employee scheduling software helps managers find the right people to perform necessary functions and ensure they are working in the right time and place.

1. Anytime, anywhere access to real-time schedules

Managers can post city employee work schedules online instantly. Employees can see up-to-the-minute schedules on their computers, laptops, or smartphones. When changes to the schedule are made, the schedule is automatically updated, and a notification is sent to anyone whose schedule was affected. Employee scheduling apps make schedules even more accessible to managers and employees on the go.

2. Find the right person for the job

Staff scheduling software allows managers to filter employees by skill or certification and quickly identify who is available to work or fill an open shift. For example, if your community needs a team of CPR-certified healthcare workers who speak Spanish for a pop-up clinic, managers can easily locate employees who meet that criteria.

3. Customize schedules

With employee scheduling software, managers can build an unlimited number of custom schedules online in minutes. Schedules can be created based on shifts, positions, skills, availability, or any parameters your department requires.

4. Ensure every shift is properly staffed

Staff scheduling software calculates total hours scheduled, so city managers can instantly see how many people or hours are scheduled by position, shift, department, or location. Enter your staffing requirements to instantly see whether too many or too few employees scheduled for any time period.

5. Fill Empty Shifts

Department managers can communicate with employees using scheduling software’s integrated messaging system. Quickly email or text individuals, all employees, or a group of qualified and available individuals to fill open shifts.

6. Track Expiration Dates for Certifications and Training

To ensure compliance with state and local regulations, city managers can rely on employee scheduling software to track specific training and certifications within legal guidelines. Some systems even notify managers when certifications are nearing expiration.

City managers are committed to excellence within their government organization. Learn how ScheduleAnywhere helps them streamline scheduling and improve communication. 

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