August 10, 2012

Speed, Versatility, Strength & Experience With Humanity Helped The Wizard Rise To The Top In Track & Field


From 100m sprint to the distance events, to the field events, hurdles and relays… track and field is a demanding and challenging sport. To excel in an all round manner, a track and field athlete needs to have speed, versatility and strength. All athletes in London have put in hours and hours of work, and it has shown in the track and field events thus far. The Wizard has been up against some tough competition, but his hard work and years of practice with Humanity’s application have helped him make a statement.

Though track and field events are general individual sports, each competitor was there to represent their application. Humanity’s application works fast and always presents the most up-to-date information – speed is our middle name! No matter where you are, you can access our application or your profile from any web-accessible mobile device, tablet or computer. Our multitasking team has taught the Wizard how to balance his time between different sports, and between different events in track and field which each demand different skills.

Humanity’s application works in real time which helps users make quick, efficient and informative decisions. Managing different skills, certifications, and profiles as well as keeping track of training, vacations, and schedules is easy and can be done on one centralized platform. This practice was useful for the Wizard when it came down to making relay decisions! Collaborating with fellow athletes and coaches is what makes a great team – one that works for a single goal. The Wizard was exposed to this collaborative approach through Humanity (as employees are involved in scheduling, setting availability, shift trading and more) and it helped him develop a tight track and field team.

Along with the physical demands of the sport, athletes that have the desire to improve and better themselves are the ones who are able to push themselves to the top. Constantly striving to be the best and continue to improve is what makes for a great and well respected athlete. Surrounded by this mindset at Humanity, the Wizard is always looking for ways (big and small) to make himself better in every aspect of his life, work and athletics. At Humanity, we always appreciate feedback and enjoy developing our product in ways that benefit our customers and users. Our forums are always open and checked regularly so anyone can submit any feature requests.

Congrats to the very talented Wizard on his successes and we wish him all the best for the remainder of the Games – not long now till he will get to reap the rewards of all his hard work!

GO TEAM Humanity!

Happy Scheduling!