June 12, 2013

Sports Beijing Now Easily Manages Staff and Volunteer Scheduling with Humanity


Sports Beijing is a not-for-profit multi-sports organization dedicated to providing high-quality sports and activities to the youth of Beijing.  They have one location, based in Beijing, China and have a small office of 6 full-time employees.  They serve both the expatriate community and the local Chinese community by offering 15-20 sporting programs.  Sports Beijing gives back to the community and schools every year and has many volunteer coaches running their programs.

Sports Beijing operates its program at multiple locations and therefore have to manage availability of coaches at multiple locations. Also, it was important for them to track coachwork hours for better payroll administration. With around 3000 children participating in the program every year it was inefficient for Sports Beijing to manage the coaching schedule with Excel spreadsheet. It involved more than one person to change/update the master spreadsheet and keep track of all the schedules.

But now with Humanity, it has become easy for Sports Beijing to manage all their staff and volunteer scheduling activities. It is now easy to keep track of hours worked by each coach which helps them in better payroll management and effective resource utilization. As Humanity provides multi-location support it has become easy for Sports Beijing to manage scheduling of their multiple program locations. Now only one person is responsible for managing the entire system. When asked about specific features related to the multi-location staff and volunteer scheduling with Humanity, Darrel Barnes, Director at Sports Beijing said,

The ability to manage employee availability and also availability of venues was very appealing to our organization.  Also, once we were able to try out the system, we found it was customizable to meet our organizational needs. Our staff is responsible for Humanity management, uses the system daily and finds the Online Chat very helpful in solving any problems encountered.

Humanity team is very happy that our application has made it easier for Sports Beijing to manage the multi-location staff efficiently.