June 26, 2012

Humanity’s New Features Ensure Even More Accurate and Conflict-Free Schedules


We are excited to share some new updates with you, that will make your scheduling and business management experience easier and more seamless. Our new recurring shift options allow you to adapt and customize the application to your specific needs. We have given you the tools to set limits on the number of vacation days an employee may take, annually. Additionally, we have made it easier to organize and view your remote sites. Lastly, we have made your scheduling process more robust by enabling you to indicate exactly how many days in a row any given employee is permitted to work.

New recurring shifts options

Creating automatically recurring shifts can save an incredible amount of time when it comes to staff scheduling. We have added some great, new options for our existing recurring shift feature that greatly extend our basic recurring shift options. You can schedule shifts once, and have them repeat for up to three years in the future. Like with our previous options, once you select your shift rotation frequency, you need to indicate the date you want the shifts to recur until as well as whether you want the shifts to recur with or without the employee information.

Once you have created your recurring shift, you can select the frequency you wish the shift to repeat from the dropdown menu.

Every ‘n’ Day / Week 
You can select a shift to repeat every ‘n’ days or every ‘n’ weeks by selecting from the two corresponding dropdown menus.

’n’ On, ‘n’ Off 
Alternatively, you can set ‘n’ days on and ‘n’ days off up to 30 days at a time.

Custom Cycle 
However, if you want to completely customize your shift rotation frequency, you can do so with the ‘Custom Cycle’ option. ‘S’ represents a shift, and ‘O’ represents a day off. Whatever frequency you add, it will repeat that up to your indicated ‘Until’ Date.

Maximum number of vacation days per year  

We have added some extra features to our vacation and availability settings.
You can now indicate the maximum number of days off per year than any staff member is allowed. To change this setting, go to the ‘Admin’ tab, click on ‘Account Settings’ and scroll down to ‘Vacation/Availability Settings’. Here, you can the desired number of days from the dropdown menu, like below. This global setting will be applied to all staff members.

However, the individual staff setting ‘Max number of vacation days per year’ will override the global setting. To set this personalized setting, go to the ‘Staff’ tab, click on the desired staff member and ‘Edit Details’. Here you can select from the associated drop down menu how many vacation days that specific employee is allowed, annually.

Maximum Working Days In A Row 

We have added a new feature to our existing payroll settings. Now, you can indicate the maximum number of days an employee can work in a row. Our goal is to provide you with the tools to create productive, conflict-free staff schedules easily and quickly. This is feature is a global setting for your employees, and you can set up to 30 days in a row at one time. The individual staff setting can be found by editing the details of any single staff member found under the ‘Staff’ tab. Setting an individual’s setting will override the global staff settings.

We hope you find these updates useful and time-saving, and that your scheduling process is even easier and conflict-free. For more information, visit our guides and tutorials section, and/or watch our video tutorials on our YouTube channel.

Happy Scheduling!