August 10, 2012

Taekwondo Was A Breeze For Our Wizard After Much Training With Humanity’s Software Solution!


Our Wizard has had to focus his mind as he turned to his taekwondo events. This Korean Martial art that demands a lot from the athlete as it combines combat techniques, self defense, athleticism as well as mental clarity. Humanity’s application allows users to categorize and organize all business information, so the Wizard has had the experience he needed to thrive in taekwondo at this Games. Finding the perfect balance, our scheduler and business management application is loved around the world by thousands!

The Humanity Wizard worked on his self defense skills by working on our resilient application that offers users a great buffer system, allowing you to recover quickly from any unexpected changes or unwanted mistakes. Whether you need to resolve a schedule conflict or deal with employee shift trading or anything in between, our software solution provides you with the necessary tools and features to resolve any issues within seconds. You will have the necessary buffer zone with your scheduler, business reporting and payroll processing that you need for peace of mind and overall efficiency.

And perhaps you and your employees pride yourselves in open and clear communication, and your employee needs to let you know that they are on their way and haven’t forgotten about their shift. They can easily click the ‘I’m on my way!’ button in the time clock and you will see it right away. This, of course, is in addition to our public Message Wall, private inbox or Ping feature, which all allow you to recover from any unwanted changes or errors quickly.

But self defense is only half the battle. Being able to strike and attack in combat is crucial in taekwondo. Luckily, our Wizard has had some great experience with tackling staff scheduling, setup procedures, and employee management through our multifaceted application! He aims to make everyday business processes swift, fast and efficient for users. Accuracy, as well as power and diversity, of strikes is essential – the greatest athletes are the ones who can learn to deal more efficiently and effectively with multiple opponents and in a variety of situations. The Wizard practiced day in and day out with the Humanity application, so he was more than ready to take on all the competition at the same time.

And lastly, mental clarity and character make taekwondo a way of life for a fighter. Courtesy, respect, a positive attitude and peace of mind make for a good fighter. With Humanity’s application, users have less things to worry about. Conflicts are easily spotted and brought to managers’ attention, scheduling and other business processing are more efficient, and headaches are eliminated. Knowing that many processes are automated without compromising accuracy, users can feel more relaxed and confident in their schedules!

Congrats to the Wizard who brought his A-game and dominated the taekwondo competition!

GO TEAM Humanity!

Happy Scheduling!