November 12, 2021

TCP Time Clock Installment: No IT Support Required

Today’s IT and HR teams are working together more than ever – 53% of businesspeople say the amount they work with their technology teams has increased. There’s no doubt that technology continues to add immense value to all parts of the workplace.

This additional workload causes stress and burnout for IT teams.

A recent report from report from had the following advice, “Outsource the stressful parts of IT because hosting hardware, managed services and SaaS solutions can help take the stress off of you and your staff and put it somewhere better, faster and cheaper.”

Indeed, many IT leaders are looking to cloud software service providers for support, including TCP’s modern time and attendance solutions. These solutions help organizations get an accurate understanding of hours employees work and provide the real-time insights they need to keep operations moving.

Our customers rave about our time clocks

Simple and implementation aren’t typically words heard in the same sentence – especially regarding time clock hardware. However, thanks to our plug-and-play time clocks, we hear those two words together often.

“It was hands down the easiest discovery and implementation of any time clock product that I have ever done,” according to Marlene Harbeson, Executive Director of Finance at McKinney ISD, a school district in Texas that selected TCP to accommodate their time and attendance needs.

No IT support is required to install TCP’s clocks

While accurate time-keeping systems add value, many of today’s solutions require a significant effort from both IT and HR to get them installed. That’s not the case with TCP’s time clocks — IT support is not necessary to get these devices up and running.

With our cloud-based solutions, it’s as simple as plugging in the clock, connecting to the internet via Wi-Fi or ethernet, and typing in your organization’s account number. With three simple steps — and internet connectivity — your time clock is connected and ready to collect employee hours.

The level of simplicity makes TCP’s clocks an easy choice for a variety of organizations. Small businesses appreciate that an office manager can plug in a time clock without hiring extra help. School districts, local governments and academic institutions all appreciate the ease of having onsite staff plug in the clock rather than requiring IT personnel to travel to each location to hook up the system.

Level-up your time clock possibilities with configuration

When you have various time-collection needs for different employee groups and locations, TCP allows you to customize and configure your time clock to meet your organization’s needs. We provide everything from fingerprint scanners to touchless readers to temperature scanners and more.

With the biometric reader or badge scanner, you can collect time according to your unique specifications. For example, you might use a time clock in an office setting, fingerprint scanners at other job locations, and a mobile app for remote employees.

How do TCP time clock options compare to the competition?

Based on what we hear from customers, TCP stands out for a variety of reasons. Some of the most popular benefits of our time clocks include:

  • TCP’s Core Time Clock is highly configurable and can be connected with other solutions, like a badge scanner.
  • Biometric Time Clocks help organizations mitigate issues with buddy punching to ensure accuracy.
  • WebClock and MobileClock empower employees and managers access from just about anywhere.
  • Thermal Scanner helps monitor employee health with a 3-second touchless temperature scan.

At the core, our product is designed in a way that provides as much configurability as possible to meet your workforce needs. And, to do so in a way that is easy for any organization to implement.

Optimize operations with effective tracking of employee hours

We are proud that TCP’s solutions take the weight off IT’s shoulders. But it’s also essential to keep the bigger workforce management picture in mind regarding everything a powerful time and attendance solution can do for you.

From an operational perspective, time clocks help you:

  • Streamline time-collection processes and automate calculations
  • Reduce time required for payroll processing with automatic data transfer from the clock to payroll software
  • Configure access to enable the most efficient daily operations, including options to use a mobile device
  • Deploy a time clock best suited to your organization with a selection of attachment options
  • Incorporate a thermal sensor attachment to stop potential health risks

With a variety of time clock solutions to choose from, you can’t go wrong. You’ll be surprised by the difference it makes when you make the switch from archaic timesheets to a system with more advanced features.

The ease of use of TCP’s plug-and-play time clocks simply can’t be beaten. But you know what’s suitable for your organization. Still not sure which time clock is best for you? Check out our Time Clock Selection Guide.