April 2, 2012

Team Expansion Successfully Organizes Major Events With Our Online Scheduler


Organizing major events can be frantic and overwhelming, especially when hundreds of individuals from all over the country, and the world, are coming to take part. Team Expansion host and organize events as part of their mission to connect churches and individuals with the vision, coaching, resources, and tools to accelerate the fulfillment of making the Bible and its message available to people all over the world. They began as a prayer movement on the campus of the then-Kentucky Christian College in 1978. Team Expansion has embarked upon a journey where they believe they will be able to find partners to help them reach further than ever before. Team Expansion participates with several organizations including a campaign, U4theU was first launched at the 2011 North American Christian Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio. In his keynote address, convention President, Dudley Rutherford, asked churches and individuals to get serious about unreached peoples and cities.

Team Expansion began with two volunteers and currently have over 340 full-time adult employees who are joined by hundreds of volunteers. They serve in 46 countries in 70 distinct projects. On top of their regular routines, Team Expansion is involved in many events and activities, which are integrated into their calendars. When they stage a major event such as the convention in Cincinnati, it gets crazy. Employees and volunteers fly in from all over the country, and almost fifty countries overseas. With so many participants, it is impossible for Team Expansion to meet with all employees and volunteers in advance to discuss scheduling. With hundreds of haphazard emails flying back and forth, just creating more confusion, Team Expansion sought an effective, online scheduling solution.

Staying organized and promoting a functional team dynamic is difficult and there are bound to be hiccups along the way. Eliminating schedule-related issues from the list of management headaches helps events run smoothly and makes the experience much more enjoyable for all individuals involved. Since they have switched to Humanity, organizing events has become much easier for Team Expansion. Working with the online scheduler, they can easily keep track of open shifts and know exactly how many more volunteers or staff are needed for any given shift. All scheduling information is in one place and is always up-to-date. Team Expansion no longer needs to worry about missing emails about shift changes or availability or forgetting to send reminders to staff about shift times. This process is automated with the Humanity online scheduling application, allowing staff to set their own availability, trade shifts, be reminded of shift times and more.

”We have found the Humanity team to be very responsive. We are grateful for the customer-centered approach that the staff takes at Humanity…Humanity lets us see the forest AND the trees.” – Doug Lucas, Team Expansion


Overall, Humanity’s staff scheduler allows Team Expansion to be significantly more organized to serve our constituents. Our flexible tools allow every user type, whether they are event organizers, full-time staff or volunteers, to access the staff schedule. The customizable interface allows Team Expansion to fulfill their event scheduling and organizational needs in an intuitive and timely manner.