October 24, 2023

Tech Tip: Automated notifications in InstaSub


By Ryan Walsh

When unforeseen circumstances arise and cause teacher absences, quick and efficient responses become vital. Enter InstaSub’s Automated Notifications, the solution tailored for these unpredictable moments. Take a look at the top 3 benefits this feature offers customers like you.

Versatile job alert notifications for diverse needs

Recognizing the diverse technological preferences of teachers and substitute teachers, open assignments notifications in InstaSub are relayed to the right people instantaneously. InstaSub’s Automated Notifications not only ensure timely job release announcements but also offer a versatile array of Job Alert notifications. This ensures that every substitute, irrespective of their tech preference (email, text, mobile app), stays in the loop. Whether it’s an educator facing a sudden contingency at dawn or a long-planned absence, these notifications make sure the right substitutes are informed instantly.

Maximized fill rates: the power of advanced notice

One of the key benefits of Automated Notifications is the dramatic improvement in fill rates. Providing substitutes with advanced notice, no matter how short, increases the chances of finding a suitable replacement swiftly. The use-case speaks for itself: a teacher who needs a substitute for an 8:30am class after falling sick at 4am is no longer a logistical nightmare.

F1 Relationship between timing of teacher absence listing and substitute coverage


Reduced administrative burden

Automated Notifications streamline the process of finding and assigning substitutes, relieving administrators from the time-consuming task of manually coordinating between parties. This reduces chaos and stress and frees up valuable time to focus on other critical aspects of education.

Encouraging your educational force to embrace the Automated Notifications feature within InstaSub is more than a smart move. It’s a strategic step towards bolstering efficiency, minimizing disruptions, and ensuring that education continues unhindered.