June 30, 2023

Tech Tip: Closed weeks


By Brendon Castro

The Close Week feature in TimeClock Plus is essential as it finalizes hours worked and processes calculations for accruals, absences, tardies and cumulative totals. Thankfully, it’s also a fairly simple process.

How to Close a week

To close a week you will go to Company > Close Week. Then click on “Close Week” to close the current week in TimeClock Plus.



If no errors occurred during the closed week process, the current week in the upper right-hand corner will be updated.

Undoing a Closed Week

If you need to access hours for a week that has already been closed, you can Undo the Closed Week. Undoing this will revert all calculations made to the amount from the previous week.

Common Errors When Closing Weeks

There are a few reasons why a week might not close. When the software is unable to close the week, you will be notified of the exception that is keeping the week open.

  1. Unapproved missed punches: If one or more employees have a missed punch that has not been approved, the week will not close.
  2. Employee still clocked in: If one or more employees are still clocked in during that week, the week will not close.
  3. Unapproved shifts: If one or more employees have segments that require approval, the week will not close.


We hope these tips have been helpful, but if you’re still experiencing trouble, call us at 325-223-9300 or chat with us! Our support experts are always happy to help.