June 26, 2024

Tech Tip: How to Set Notifications and Alerts


In the critical environment of public safety, staying informed and connected is crucial. Effective communication can make a significant difference in response times and overall efficiency. One way to ensure seamless communication is by optimizing your notification settings in your employee scheduling software.

Empowering employees to customize their own notifications offers numerous benefits. It allows them to receive timely alerts about schedule changes, shift reminders, and important updates in a way that suits their individual preferences. This not only enhances personal productivity but also reduces the likelihood of missed shifts or miscommunications.

In this tech tip, we’ll guide you through the steps to tailor your notification preferences, ensuring you receive the right information at the right time, enhancing both personal and organizational efficiency.

Step 1: Click on My Info under the Members tab to enter the My Info page


Step 2: Confirm and update messaging information – members should confirm their phone number and email(s) are correct. They also have the option to set a specific period during the day for receiving messages and add other email addresses to receive notifications.


Step 3: Members select the type of messages and notifications they would like to receive. Admins can make certain alerts mandatory to members, including coverage alerts, form notifications, member info expiring, and upcoming shift reminders.



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