June 29, 2023

Tech Tip: How to Set Up Group Accounts

tech tip

Most large organizations have more than just one department, store, or branch requiring scheduling tools. Often they have one centralized department or headquarters to oversee all the subdivisions. The Group Accounts module in Humanity is built to help the central department or headquarters to manage its subdivisions, a.k.a. Child Accounts.

To have access to all functionalities in the Group Accounts module, a user must have a manager/admin privilege in Humanity. The manager/admin must contact Humanity to enable the Group Accounts module.

Create a Child Account

Step 1: Click ‘Group Accounts’ module from the top-panel > Click ‘Create a New Account’ tab from the top-right under ‘Manage Accounts’ section as shown in Image 1.

image 1

Image 1: Create a Child Account from the Group Accounts Module

Step 2: Add the information listed below > Click ‘Create Account’ tab as shown in Image 2. 

image 2

Image 2: Fill out information for a Child Account

Create Child Accounts in Bulk 

Step 1: Click the ‘arrow’ icon > Click ‘Create Bulk Accounts’ tab under ‘Manage Accounts’ section as shown in Image 3.

tech tip august 2023 003

image 3

Step 2: Type the information in the box > Click ‘Next Steps’ tab as shown in Image 4. 

image 4

Image 4: Fill out information for multiple Child Accounts

Step 3: You may select another account to clone and pick settings, locations, or positions (Optional) or directly Click ‘Save Accounts’ tab to create the account as shown in Image 5. 

image 5

Image 5: Click Save Accounts to same the bulk accounts

Access the Child Account and Staff Member Profiles 

Step 1: Click the ‘arrow in the box’ icon to access the account and it will direct you to that account as shown in Image 6. 

image 6

Image 6: Click arrow-in-box to access to account

Step 2: Click the account name > Select the staff member you are interested in to access the account with > Click the ‘arrow in the box’ icon next to the name of the staff member and it will direct you to that account as shown in Image 7. 

image 7

Image 7: Access to staff members’ profiles

Delete a Child Account 

 Step 1: Click the account name > Scroll down and click ‘Delete This Account’ tab as shown in Image 8. 

image 8

Image 8: How to Delete a Child Account

Note: Each child account has the option to configure its individual settings if these settings are not forced upon from the main parent account. You have the option to clone the locations and positions from any other child account or from the parent account into the new account.