October 24, 2023

Tech Tip: How to view and delete submitted unavailability slots


Humanity’s Availability module is designed to help schedulers manage employee availability through a simple and visual approach. This module enables schedulers to acknowledge employees’ preferences for consideration in employee scheduling.

With an admin/manager access privilege, schedulers can have a clear overview of all employees’ availability in the Availability module. The module also allows schedulers to easily edit or adjust their employees’ availability all in one place.

Availability overview

Step 1: Click on “Availability” to access the module and see an overview of your employees’ availability.


Delete an approved unavailability

Business needs change frequently and rapidly. Schedulers sometimes run into situations where they need to cancel previously approved unavailability to secure appropriate coverage.

Step 1: Click on the unavailability you want to revert approval on to see details.


Step 2: Click on the trash icon in the pop-up window to delete the approved unavailability slot.


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