April 22, 2024

Tech Tip: Introduction to Digital Forms


Forms are indispensable in the public safety community, serving as essential tools for documentation, accountability, and compliance with legal standards. They enhance efficiency and communication across various departments, ensuring that critical information is systematically recorded and conveyed.

Additionally, standardized data collection via forms facilitates effective analysis and strategic decision-making, crucial for improving public safety operations. Yet, many agencies continue to grapple with outdated, paper-based systems for managing forms, leading to inefficiencies and errors that can significantly impact operations.

The reliance on manual forms not only consumes valuable time that could be better spent on critical tasks but also introduces a higher risk of errors in data processing, leading to compromised data accuracy and increasing operational inefficiency.

How to use Aladtec for the digitalization of your form preparation process

Aladtec revolutionizes form preparation, reporting, and storage in the public safety sector by automating and making them electronically accessible. This transformation reduces administrative burdens and increases accuracy, allowing staff to focus on more critical tasks. Furthermore, having a digital data capture process allows direct connection with the next steps, reducing delays and processing time.

Step 1: Click on the Forms tab on the main page and click on Form Configurator


Step 2: Click Add New Form.


Step 3: Select the form you need from Aladtec’s premade form library.


Step 4: If our form library does not provide what you need, you can also create your own form by building one yourself.



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