April 23, 2024

Tech Tip: Introduction to the enhanced Humanity Mobile App


In the modern workplace, employees are often required to handle their tasks away from their desks or on the road. Mobile app solutions can provide them with a lot more flexibility and accessibility in a dynamic work environment across industries.

The new Humanity mobile app aims to build a first-class employee scheduling and time-tracking experience by delivering a mobile-first approach that empowers employees and managers. The enhanced app provides a single hub for all essential functions like shift trading and real-time notifications, transforming daily operations into a seamless and satisfying experience. With the enhanced Humanity mobile app, all users can experience both our best-in-class employee scheduling and time-tracking solutions under the same roof, improving payroll and scheduling accuracy, mitigating compliance risk, boosting efficiencies, and offering a standout employee experience.

Key Features

Shift trades

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The TCP Humanity mobile app offers a robust shift trading feature. By setting predefined rules, the app ensures that shift trades are fair and in compliance with organizational policies, allowing employees the flexibility to manage their schedules more autonomously. This feature not only empowers employees by giving them control over their work hours but also helps maintain optimal staffing levels, ensuring the organization runs smoothly.

Open shifts

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The open shift feature within the Humanity mobile app provides employees with the flexibility to select work dates that best fit their schedules, empowering them to achieve a more desirable work-life balance. This feature also allows staff to swiftly step in for call-offs, ensuring that shifts are covered by available and qualified employees without the hassle of last-minute scrambles. Ultimately, open shifts not only enhance job satisfaction by accommodating individual preferences and needs but also contribute to a more responsive and efficient staffing system within the organization.

Time clock

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Powered by the TimeClock Plus integration, the time clock function Humanity mobile app utilizes geofencing technology to establish virtual boundaries, ensuring employees clock in and out only within designated work zones. This feature upholds precise timekeeping by accommodating the flexibility of mobile devices, allowing employees to manage their time entries directly from their smartphones. As a result, organizations benefit from enhanced accuracy in workforce management and payroll processing, maintaining operational integrity and compliance effortlessly.



The Humanity mobile app enhances the employee scheduling experience by allowing employees to set their preferred working hours and submit their availability. This functionality ensures that shifts are staffed by employees who are not only available but also eager to work those specific hours, fostering a more satisfied and efficient workforce. For employers, this means improved operational efficiency and a reduced administrative burden, while employees gain greater autonomy and job satisfaction.

Leave and accruals

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The Humanity mobile app streamlines the management of Paid Time Off (PTO), leaves, and accruals, providing a centralized platform for employees to request time off and track their balances effortlessly. With real-time updates and transparent tracking, employees can easily plan their leaves around their accrued benefits, enhancing their ability to balance work and personal life. For employers, this integrated system simplifies the approval process and ensures compliance with labor regulations, while maintaining accurate records of all employee time off activities.

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