January 19, 2024

Tech Tip: Mastering internal coverage with InstaSub


Managing unexpected absences in schools can be immensely challenging. However, the Internal Coverage feature is one of a few ways that InstaSub makes it simple to navigate this daunting task. When substitutes cancel at the last minute or don’t show up, this tool is a lifesaver for teachers and administrators. Here’s how to make the most of it:

1. Navigate to the internal coverage tab: Start by looking at the Internal Coverage tab to see which classes need coverage. This provides a quick snapshot of where full-time teachers might be needed urgently.

tech tip

2. Identify unfilled classes: With the shared calendar view, easily spot the unfilled time slots. It’s color-coded for convenience, showing at a glance which classes have been claimed and which are still pending.

tech tip

3. Post and claim internal coverage requests: If you’re a teacher needing coverage, you can post a request directly through the system. Other teachers and staff can then view and claim these requests, providing a seamless way to manage internal resources.

Tech Tip Mastering Internal Coverage with InstaSub 003

tech tip

4. Review upcoming and past coverage: For a broader overview, switch between the ‘Upcoming’ and ‘Past’ tabs to track internal coverage over time. This helps in planning and recognizing patterns in substitute behavior.

5. Run internal coverage reports: Generate reports to identify which substitutes often cancel claimed jobs, necessitating internal coverage. This informs future decisions about substitute allocations and policies.

6. Export data for analysis: With the option to export data, administrators can perform further analysis to improve the internal coverage process.

By leveraging this powerful feature, your school can minimize disruptions, support your full-time teachers, and maintain the continuity of quality education for your students.