October 26, 2023

Tech Tip: Simplifying Digital Acknowledgment With Attestations In TimeClock Plus


In today’s rapidly changing world and ever-adjusting workforces, ensuring that your employees are informed and acknowledging key policies and notices is more critical than ever. TimeClock Plus’ Attestations feature lightens the load for managers and administrators to gain and track employee acknowledgement of new and changing policies. Attestations is a built-in game-changer for organizations keen on enhancing their internal communication.

Here Are Some Of The Benefits:

Go paperless

Wave goodbye to cumbersome paper trails. Attestations allow you to effortlessly communicate vital updates and capture employees’ digital acknowledgments. This feature establishes a reliable and efficient audit trail, ensuring every staff member stays in the loop.

Move from policy changes to friendly reminders

Whether you’re communicating policy updates, legal notices, or simple reminders, Attestations has your back. Its user-friendly interface allows you to input detailed texts with clear formatting. Plus, every acknowledgment is timestamped, ensuring a meticulous record of employee engagement.

Boost accountability across the board

Ensure all team members are on the same page. With Attestations, as employees confirm receipt of messages, administrators can easily track acknowledgments and perform targeted follow-ups when needed. No more manual tracking or middle-men, just a streamlined process.

Tech Tip Simplifying digital acknowledgment with attestations in TimeClock Plus