September 25, 2023

Tech Tip: Unlock Enhanced Pay Transparency in Supplemental Hours


Understanding Supplemental Hours

Supplemental Hours are additional pay hours an employee earns outside of their regular hourly rates. Supplemental Hours may be classified as bonuses, PTO, pay-outs for unused leave, shift differentials, and more. These hours are essential to compensation, but they are typically bundled together with regular hours, which can cause some confusion for both managers and hourly employees.

Why this matters:

Before, you might have encountered a few challenges:

  • Clarity: It isn’t always easy to see how pay was calculated, which can be frustrating for both employees and managers.
  • Overtime confusion: When reviewing their timesheet, employees may see that their total hours are over 40 and believe that they are owed overtime.
  • Difficulty validating compensation: When supplemental hours are not broken out from regular pay hours, it becomes even more difficult to verify accurate wages.

We are pleased to announce that TimeClock Plus now has a separate new functionality that allows you to list Supplemental Hours for additional pay in a different column, providing greater clarity around employee compensation and total hours.

Benefits of this new feature:

  • Clear breakdown: We’ve separated Supplemental Hours and employee pay into dedicated columns, so you can see exactly how earnings are calculated.
  • No more overtime mysteries: It’s now easy to identify which hours count towards overtime.
  • Streamlined validation: Administrators can validate hours and pay with ease, saving time and effort.
  • Added bonus: Customers on an Enterprise Package for TimeClock plus have this add-on included in their plan!


Learn more about this enhancement in our Knowledge Base article.