July 30, 2012

The Humanity Wizard Is Starting Off The Games In The Pool With A Huge Bang, Thanks To Our Robust Application!


Competition in the pool is well underway, and the Humanity Wizard is doing us proud! He is deep in a battle with his competitors to prove that he represents the best solution to solving workforce management and staff scheduling issues. Up against some tough competition from all over the globe, the frontrunners (aside from our Wizard representing Humanity) are Pen & Paper, Spreadsheets and The Other Guys, a collaboration of other software solutions.

Strength and endurance will play a big part in this Olympic Games, as these contingents move from sport to sport. But today, we’re focused on the pool and seeing what our Wizard can do! Being an all-round swimmer means that the athlete can perform at a high level in multiple events, holding multiple positions. Versatility is crucial for a key contributor like the Humanity Wizard.

Luckily, the Humanity Wizard has a strong and adaptable software backing him up. In this worldwide competition to prove which solution really is the best, these first few days are focused on the ability to assign multiple positions to a schedule and multitask seamlessly, with an array of management and scheduling features.

To make up a strong and competitive swim team, each country had to pick the cream of the crop to fulfill all the necessary positions an Olympic swim team needs. Between each stroke, each distance and the relays, the team is comprised of different individual athletes holding different positions with different skills on their team. The Wizard, captain of the Humanity team, ensures that with the Humanity scheduler, it is easy and efficient to create and assign positions to employees. This makes scheduling even easier and faster, as information is automatically stored and easily retrievable. Chaos and confusion, thrown out the door.

Humanity’s online software incorporates a multitude of in-depth features that are all integrated and operate on a centralized platform. This makes it easier for captains and managers, like the Wizard, to coordinate his team and ensure that they have someone covered for each event and each position.

So far, the swimming events have been close, but the Wizard and Humanity is a clear winner thus far! With a strong and effective software to hold the team together, Humanity is represented well by our hardworking Wizard. Keep up the great work!

GO TEAM Humanity!