September 10, 2013

The UND Wellness Center Turned To Humanity To Manage Their Staff Scheduling & Communication Needs


The UND Wellness Center opened in September of 2006 to provide a facility that attends to the multidimensional needs of the UND community. The Wellness Center offers various activities ranging from sports to cooking and personal training to meditation. It is a wonderful example of togetherness that creates something for the community. The 20 million dollar state-of-the-art facility became a reality with dedicated joint efforts from the people on the UND campus, students with a defined vision and a proposed means to pay for it while administrative leaders that helped paved the path.

Their facility has 1 location and 10 positions staffed with more than 150 student employees. The Wellness Center faced issues managing schedules, training and tracking training progress, staff communication, as well as managing information related to their staff and positions. These issues were mainly because of the manual spreadsheet scheduling and staff management system that was in place. Due to this process and depending on various positions at the center, it used to take several hours per week for the coordinators to complete scheduling and other staff management work.

The wellness center decided to try out Humanity’s Workforce Management Tool which offers a 1 Month Free Trial with full access to all modules in a centralized online system. After trying Humanity out they were impressed with the ease of use and decided to continue using the tool. Now the UND Wellness Center uses the workforce management tool from Humanity extensively for their scheduling, communication and HR related activities. Shift trading has become very easy for the center staff. Detailed staff information can be stored and retrieved from a centralized system and it has become really easy and convenient for the coordinators as they can find everything online at one place.

Stephanie Hoffman, Coordinator of Fitness at UND Wellness Center, when asked about our workforce management tool said,

I like that the schedule is available online and it functions in real time. Also live chat support is wonderful!

The Humanity team is very happy and proud that our workforce management tool is helping UND Wellness Center to run its workforce operations smoothly and efficiently.