December 31, 2020

There’s an App for That! Four Types of Mobile Apps to Make Managers’ Lives Easier


Remember the days when managers would show up, put in a days’ work, then punch out and head home? Today’s managers operate differently, and a lot more is being asked of them. The ability to access work files and documents from virtually anywhere is convenient for managers, but it also means they are often expected to handle workplace demands 24/7. That’s why many managers have turned to mobile apps to help them stay on top of things. Here are four types of apps that help on-the-go-managers keep things running smoothly anytime, anywhere.

1. Project Management

If you’ve ever wondered whether project management tools would help you and your organization, ask yourself one question: Do I manage people who manage tasks or projects? If the answer is yes, then you need a project management app. Project management tools allow you to plan projects, delegate tasks, and track progress – all without having to rely on folders, spreadsheets, and endless meetings. A project management app gives you instant access to behind-the-scenes information, so you always know who is working on which task and can easily evaluate productivity.

2. Expense Management

Not only will an expense management app eliminate data entry for your finance department, but it will also allow you to create, manage, and submit expense reports even when you are on the go. You’ll have financial information such as receipts, credit card transactions, and expense requests at your fingertips. Some expense management software can automatically validate receipts and help enforce spend polices by flagging compliance violations.

3. File Storage and Sharing

Being away from your PC doesn’t mean you have to lose access to important documents. Cloud storage apps are like digital filing cabinets that allow you to upload and organize documents right from your phone or laptop. You can also share files with selected employees or business contacts, so collaborating is easy, and projects don’t get delayed due to inaccessible resources.

4. Employee Management

Your employees are your most valuable asset, and it’s important to stay connected to them even when you are away from work. Employee scheduling apps, for example, allow you to communicate with employees and manage staff schedules anytime, from any location. It also gives employees access to real-time schedules. Additionally, scheduling software simplifies the entire scheduling process, streamlines reporting, and helps maintain compliance.

Mobile apps can keep you connected to your team and projects from any location, at any time. Now, being on the go doesn’t mean you won’t be in the know.

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