February 10, 2021

Automated Time Tracking for Title 1 for K-12

Nearly 70% of public schools in the U.S. rely on Title 1 funding to operate after-school programs, tutoring and a range of other student-support activities. But to effectively use Title 1 funds for their intended purpose, you need to carefully track the time employees spend on those activities and report it in a timely manner.

As the more efficient alternative to manual tracking, time-tracking technology allows you to accurately record employee time and see how your K-12 school uses Title 1 funds.

Overcome Time-Tracking Challenges with an Automated Solution

Teachers, school administrators and other school employees have a lot on their plate. According to a Scholastic survey, the average teacher workday is more than 10 hours long and can be filled with activities such as after-school tutoring, advising student clubs and coaching.

With so much happening on any given day, it can be challenging for school employees to track their time, especially if they need to fill out and keep track of paper time sheets. Moreover, manual time-tracking methods can lead to calculation errors and inaccurate cost coding for Title 1 and other activities.

Conversely, when you automate time tracking and use a comprehensive solution for recording employee time spent on Title 1 and other supplemental-pay activities, you can say goodbye to chasing time sheets and manually updating spreadsheets. Whether employees are working remotely or across several school campuses, you can track their time and see how their hours spent on different activities impact your budget.

An automated solution allows teachers, administrators and other employees to report their time with just a few clicks, helping you to take the following actions:

Know exactly how your school’s Title 1 funds are used and on which activities
Accurately manage employee supplemental pay based on the hours spent on Title 1 and other responsibilities
Get a real-time view of labor costs against budget

How TCP Software Improves Time Tracking for Title 1 Activities

Automated time tracking takes the pain out of budgeting and recording the time spent on Title 1 activities. With TCP’s time-tracking software for K-12 schools, you can streamline the process of allocating employee time to the correct budget and make sure you’re using Title 1 funds as intended. TCP’s time-tracking solution delivers the following capabilities to support the smooth operation of your K-12 school:

Time-saving automation: Empower employees to submit their hours in just a few clicks. Integrate your payroll platform and seamlessly deliver supplemental pay based on approved work hours.

Real-time budget management: See employee hours dedicated to any supplemental-pay activity as they are submitted and approved so you can track spending against budget

Track employee time for a broad range of activities: Use weighted and blended calendar tools to track employee hours spent on teaching, Title 1 activities, overtime and more.

Dashboards and reporting: Access our cloud-based dashboard to manage employee hours and attendance from a single, user-friendly portal and run reports to see trends over time.

Anywhere mobile tools: Customize your software with our MobileClock app and let teachers record their time from any location, whether they are in the classroom or teaching remotely.

Customization: Expand your time-collection ability with TCP’s configurable time clocks for use in multiple school locations. For example, you can add our thermal sensor technology to support your COVID-19 health and safety efforts.

Time tracking for Title 1 activities is a breeze when you have an automated solution for recording hours and aligning employee time to budget. TCP’s time-tracking software offers efficient time collection and reporting tools, so you have full visibility into the time allocated to Title 1 activities. To learn more, contact us today to schedule a free demo.