July 20, 2021

Time Tracking or Employee Scheduling? The Answer Is… Both


Imagine you’re hiring for a demanding role that requires diverse skills and qualifications. Would you lean toward a generalist who ticks more boxes or a specialist who nails down a few? You’d probably want to get as many specialists as you need to get the job done, but the reality is that you’d probably settle for a generalist to have most of your bases covered.

The same thing goes for acquiring a workforce management software: due to logistic and budgetary constraints, you have to prioritize the tool that will put out the main fire.

Well, not anymore.

TCP Software has married two specialized solutions: world-class time tracker and one of the most intuitive shift schedulers on the market. TimeClock Plus and Humanity Scheduling – because we don’t want to make you choose.

How Are TimeClock Plus and Humanity Scheduling Connected?

In this integrated solution, TimeClock Plus software is the system of record for employee data, from contact details to job codes to leave requests. That data is pulled into Humanity Scheduling every 5 minutes, so managers can assign shifts based on accurate information, leveraging automatic tools and configurable staffing rules that this software offers. Scheduling information is then synced back to TimeClock Plus, where it’s readily available for analysis and payroll.

TimeClock Plus and Humanity Scheduling Help Your Entire Organization Work Better

Seamless Data Flow
TimeClock Plus and Humanity Scheduling break down siloes of knowledge on employees, shifts, leaves and timesheets. Since data can flow seamlessly between the two systems, the right people can always access the information they need and stay on top of their tasks. There’s no need for separate data maintenance, duplicate entries and extra effort to cobble disparate sources together. Time-consuming manual processes are virtually eliminated, freeing up your team for more productive work.

What’s more, these solutions easily fit into your existing workforce management ecosystem. You can integrate them with your HCM or ERP system, as well as your preferred payroll provider, closing the loop from clock-in to direct deposit.

Best-In-Class Employee Time Tracking and Scheduling
Both TimeClock Plus and Humanity scheduling are leaders in their respective fields. TimeClock Plus suite of solutions goes beyond timekeeping by providing three levels of time tracking detail – time and attendance, labor tracking and job costing. Its highly configurable hardware and software solutions support you in making the best decisions for your business.

Humanity Scheduling brings together powerful scheduling capabilities and intuitive user experience on both web and mobile. Your managers can quickly and easily build demand-driven schedules, while employees can get instant notifications on schedule updates, as well as pick up and swap shifts right from their mobile device.

Together, these two platforms are the missing piece of the puzzle your workforce management needed.

Simple and Customizable Implementation
Don’t be thrown off by the robust capabilities of this integration – it says nothing about the ease of implementation. We connected the two platforms so you can get access to all features that you need, without burdening you with complex activation and maintenance procedures. Our team behind the scenes is there to help you sync exactly the information you need, the way you need it. This is not a one-size-fits-all solution – we’re here to make it fit your organization like a glove.

Interested in learning more about the TimeClock Plus Humanity integration? Contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager or our Sales team and start paving your way to more efficient workforce management.