July 12, 2012

Trading Shifts Is Easily Done From Start To Finish, Right In Humanity


As part of our online scheduler, we have a built-in shift trade system that allows employees to handle their shift trades electronically. Managers that have to facilitate these shift changes on a regular basis often waste both time and money. With Humanity, managers can quickly oversee and approve online tradeboard activity with minimal involvement. Shift trading can conveniently be initiated and completed all from our centralized workforce management and staff scheduling software application.

Humanity allows for shift trades to either be the full responsibility of employees or to be managed entirely by the scheduler with two levels of approvals. Managers are able to approve potential covers and/or finalize the trade. Depending on how involved a manager wants to be and to what level they want to monitor shift trades, our settings can be toggled on or off by going to the ‘Admin’ tab, clicking on ‘Account Settings’ and scrolling down to the subheading ‘Schedule Settings’.

Initiating Shift Trades As An Employee

As an employee, you may choose to trade shifts with another employee that is available for the given shift. You will need to specify which shift it is you want to trade, provide a reason for the trade request and indicate who can potentially cover your shift. Managers will then receive a notification and can approve or reject the trade, and you will be notified of the result.

When you sign in to your Humanity account, all upcoming shifts are clearly listed on the top right corner of the Dashboard.

Beside each shift is a ‘Details’ button, which opens a pop-up window where you can see more specific information on the shift as well as initiate a shift trade.

After choosing the shift you want to trade, you have the option to select the colleagues you would like to trade shifts with. The list of potential covers are visible on the right, and the names listed are only staff members who are eligible to work the shift (e.g. already assigned to the position, not assigned to another shift at that time).

You also need to indicate the reason(s) you are requesting the shift trade. The more information you provide, the better it is for your manager.

Approving Shift Trades As A Manager

Either from the Dashboard in the notifications area (shown below) or in the Requests tab, managers can see the transactions needing approval.

Here, you can accept or reject collaborators and/or finalize the trades.

Picking Up Shifts As An Employee

Upon logging into Humanity, employees can see on their Dashboard if there are any shifts that are available for them to pick up. They can also view available shifts by visiting the ‘Requests’ tab and navigating specifically to ‘Shift Trades’ on the left.

Managers interested in shift trades can learn more by watching the video below.