July 11, 2012

Training Tab Is Now On The Dashboard For More Centralized Workforce Management & Better App Visualization


With Humanity’s workforce management and staff scheduling application, you can manage staff properly allowing you to increase productivity and employee job satisfaction while reducing costs. Our human resource management features allow you to track vacation requests, stay up to date with your employees’ weekly availability, train employees with our ‘Training’ module and more.

Here at Humanity, we like to give you access to as wide a variety of features and modules in the most visually appealing and easy-to-use manner. Keeping all our features, scheduling, time clocking, payroll and human resources on one centralized platform allows users to quickly navigate and switch between different management tasks.

As part of our attempt to keep our application as user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing as possible, we have moved the ‘Training’ module to the Dashboard. Human resource management is more centralized and accessible, and training is more visible to employees.

Though accessing the ‘Training’ module is slightly different, the tab remains unchanged. Creating training sections and topics, assigning topics to specific employees and monitoring training progress is easy, quick and effective.

We hope you find our Training module of use and we always appreciate any feedback, which you can send to