September 1, 2017

Upcoming Leave Management Improvements: What You Need to Know


There are a number of upcoming Leave management improvements coming that we are very excited to share with you. The upcoming changes will add a high level of customization and personalization to your leave management experience!

With the upcoming release we’re improving our Leave module in two primary ways:

1) Entitled days is no longer a global setting across leave types, vs. something that is defined for each leave type separately.

2) Leave types are enabled/disabled individually for staff, vs. all staff being able to view all leaves types.

It’s important to note that once these changes go live, you will need to verify everything on your account so that you’re able to continue using the leave management module as well as take advantage of the new improvements.

What you’ll need to do:

1) Review your leave types and their newly applied individual balances

Because we are removing the global setting and applying a balance to each individual leave type you’ll want to review that the balances are set correctly. You can click here to verify those now:

2) Review leave assignments and applied balances to employees

By default when these improvements go live we will automatically assign all leave types to all employees so that the experience continues as it was currently. If this is what you would like then there is no additional work here, but if you have been working around this in the past and would not like all employees to be able to see all leave types you can now under each individual staff profile enable/disable a leave type from an individual.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How will leave balances for each employee be affected?

The current leave balance for each of your employees will be inherited from the previous “max vacation days per year” setting. If you previously set that number on the employee’s personal profile, that’s the number that will be inherited. If you didn’t, the number of days set on the global “max vacations days per year” account setting will be inherited.  

  1. Who will be able to create leave types and approve vacations?

Only managers will be able to create leave types and see balances. However, schedulers will still be able to approve/decline leave requests.

  1. Will employees see the new Leave page?

This new Leave page that managers will see on each employee profile page is not visible to employees, only managers can see it.

  1. What happens when you create a new leave type?

New leave types created after these changes have gone live will not be auto-assigned to anyone. Managers will have to add the new leave type to each individual employee as needed.

  1. What happens when you add a new employee to your account?

New employees added to the account after these changes have gone live will not have any leave types assigned to them. Managers will have to add leave types to each individual employee as needed.

  1. What will employees see when requesting time off?

When requesting time off in the new flow, your employees will be able to immediately see how many leave days they have left for each of the leave types they are permitted to request.

  1. What will the new vacation reports look like?

Vacation reports will be improved/streamlined as well. There will be one column for the status of the leave request and there will be an added column that will show how many days that employee has left for that particular leave type.

Rest assured, our client success and support teams are standing by around the clock to answer any questions you might have about these coming changes.

Additionally, once the changes go live, don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need any help setting up your new leave management system. We’re here to help!

Happy Scheduling!

The Humanity Team

Additional Reading:

How Will Staff Availability and Leave Requests Interact?

The way Availability settings impact leave requests is also going to change.

Currently, when an employee submits a leave request, if there are days within the requested leave period that he or she has already requested to be unavailable for, these days are not deducted from the number of requested days off.

When an employee requests time off under the new leave management system, the request will show how many All Day Unavailability days occur within the requested leave period along with the number of days available for the requested leave type.

If there are All Day Unavailability days within the leave request, managers will be able to click on the number for additional information.

Managers now have the option of deciding whether they want the All Day Unavailability days included in the leave request or excluded.

If the manager checks the box to exclude these days from the leave request, the duration of the leave request will be changed accordingly.