June 13, 2018

Have You Installed the Updated, Upgraded Humanity Mobile App Yet?


We are incredibly happy to announce that our redesigned mobile app for iPhone and Android is now available!

Important Note for Managers: If you are currently using the old “Humanity: Managers” mobile app, please download the upgraded “Humanity – Employee Scheduling” app for a much better experience. We will be deleting the old app from the iOS App Store and Google Play very soon.

The massive impact smartphones have had on the way we live and work is undeniable. At Humanity, we realize how important it is for both business owners and employees to be able to easily access their work data without having to be tied down to their desks all day.

That’s why we’ve put all of Humanity’s powerful employee scheduling and time tracking solutions in the palm of your hand and made it easier than ever for both managers and employees to stay connected to the workplace from anywhere.

humanity mobile app for managers

What Can Managers Do with the Mobile App?

Every most vital feature of the Humanity desktop application can now be accessed via our mobile app! That means that managers and schedulers can create, edit and publish work shifts and schedules right from their phones.

The mobile app also enables them to perform the following actions while on the go:

  • View employee timesheets and track time and attendance data
  • View and manage staff requests for time off
  • View and confirm staff clock locations
  • See who is on vacation/running late/currently working
  • Send messages and chat with employees

humanity mobile app for employees

What Can Employees Do with the Mobile App?

For employees, the main benefit of having the Humanity mobile app installed, of course, is the fact that they can have the latest version of their work schedules in their pockets at all times.

Here are some other things employees can do from anywhere using the mobile app:

  • Request to trade, release or drop shifts
  • Request to work open shifts
  • See who’s on vacation/running late/currently working
  • Submit Availability preferences to management
  • Clock in and out of shifts and breaks
  • Submit requests for time off
  • View personal timesheets
  • Send messages and chat with coworkers

Be sure to download the latest version of the app today and don’t forget to remind your employees to do the same!

As always, let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Happy (Mobile) Scheduling!