October 28, 2011

Use Shift Trades or Open Shifts? Check Out the New Shift Exchanges Report


Humanity has a built-in Trade Management/trade request program that allows employees to handle their shift swaps electronically. With flexible settings, staff members can request and accept shift trades quickly, easily and efficiently without disrupting management in the process. Likewise, our ‘open shift’ system allows managers to publish available openings to their staff which employees are then allowed to pick up.

Clients who use either or both of these functions have requested a report to track activity around these functions. They can now find this information in the “Shift Exchanges” section of the reports tab.

For ‘Shift Trades’, the report will show the number of given, requested, or granted swaps for each employee. Moreover, the amount of requested and granted shifts will be displayed for ‘open shifts’. This report is a great reference to make sure ‘open shifts’ are being filled equitably.

Are there any other reports that you’d like to see?