August 27, 2012

Verify Your Time Zone Setting In Preparation For Our Multiple Time Zone Feature Release


We are really excited about our multiple time zone feature that we are going to be releasing early September! Our multiple time zone feature will benefit employees and managers alike, as the schedule and entire application can be viewed and used in the time zone set for each location and individual user!

There is one important thing for you to do before we send this release live, and that is to verify your time zone setting.

Starting tomorrow, on your ‘Dashboard’, you will see a section dedicated to the verification of your time zone. This is to confirm that we have the correct time zone recorded for you, and will allow you to change it quickly and easily, if it is incorrect. Correct time zone setting is essential to ensuring that your data is migrated correctly during our September 9 multiple time zone feature release.

Our application will be taken offline for a brief maintenance window, and once it is over, we will send out a notification to all of our users and all services will be back up and running.

We appreciate your patience during this time and we hope you are as excited about the upcoming changes as we are!