August 18, 2021

Want the Best Employee Scheduling App for Your Team? Ask Yourself These Questions


No matter the type of operation you manage, you’re always looking for ways to improve productivity and reduce costs. Whether you run a small family practice with 10 employees or oversee a large library system with hundreds of employees across multiple branches, you understand that your team is a key factor in meeting day-to-day operational goals.

That’s why many managers have turned to online employee scheduling software. Not only does the software help ensure every shift is staffed with the right people at the right times, it also gives employees access to up-to-the-minute schedules. As people rely more heavily on mobile technology, a scheduling system that includes a mobile app isn’t just practical – it’s essential.

To determine which employee scheduling app is best for your operation, ask yourself a few questions about the scheduling hassles and requirements most relevant to your managers and employees.

Do your managers spend far too much time creating and managing schedules?
Employee scheduling software allows managers to assign shifts in seconds, which saves time when creating schedules. A mobile app that also allows them to quickly find and contact available employees for no-shows or call-offs saves additional time by eliminating the need for multiple emails or phone calls.

Do multiple schedule changes result in scheduling confusion and errors?
A schedule change often effects multiple employees, and a change that isn’t communicated to everyone can result in missed shifts and improper coverage. Look for an employee scheduling app that allows managers to make last-minute changes and automatically notify employees when their schedule has been affected by a change.

Do your employees use mobile phones to access their schedules?
Many of us rely on our phones for organizing and accessing information. Staff scheduling software with a mobile app allows employees to see when and where they work right from their phones, so they never have outdated schedules or incorrect schedule information.

Are schedule requests inconvenient for managers and employees?
If time-off, swap, and other schedule requests require several steps involving multiple people, they can be overlooked or time-consuming. A mobile app that allows employees to submit requests and gives managers the ability to respond to requests makes the process easy and eliminates the risk of misplaced or overlooked schedule requests. Some staff scheduling apps even alert employees on the status of their requests.

Managing the schedules of the people who keep your operation running is an essential task, which can be overwhelming for managers who don’t have the right tools. An employee scheduling app helps mangers stay on top of scheduling and gives employees the peace of mind knowing they have 24/7 access to the most current schedule information.

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