August 14, 2012

Western University of Health Sciences Turned to Humanity To Solve Their Scheduling & Communication Needs


The Western University of Health Sciences library in Pomona, California is committed to enriching the learning & research environment for both students and faculty. Their mission is to support excellence in education, research and clinical activities of the university through the provision of information.

With hourly workers and multiple customer service stations, it is crucial that the management staff at the Western University of Health Sciences library schedule accurately and efficiently. They were looking for a cost-effective software solution that could help them manage staffing and ensure that all customer service points were staffed appropriately.


The library often has extended hours, and it can be difficult to ensure that all services hours are covered adequately. In order to stay open during quieter times, employees need to ensure that there are enough people present in the library – at least two individuals. Additionally, someone is needed at the front desk at all times the library is open, which can also fall short on occasion. Furthermore, the library staff needed an easy way to communicate the schedule to all staff.

Previously, they were unable to easily communicate staff schedules as they were using downloaded software. Since the software operated on one sole computer, the staff weren’t able to view and review their schedule without either looking on the computer or using a printed copy that was posted somewhere nearby.

Humanity was able to solve their scheduling headaches! We offer a cloud-based scheduling software, which means that staff can access their schedule anytime, anywhere. From any web-friendly device (mobile phones, tablets, and computers), users can sign into their account, view their schedules, communicate with one another, clock into their shifts and more.

For the Western University of Health Sciences team, our scheduler has become an easy way to ensure that their schedules are communicated efficiently and effectively. Employees are notified of any shifts they are scheduled for as well as any changes that may occur to their schedule. Time clocking has been integrated into their system so that it is easier for management staff to keep track of employees, their timeliness and overall performance.


The Humanity team is happy to be part of a great college campus and a great program.