November 7, 2020

Why Mobility Is Essential to Workforce Management Software


Part 3 of our “Back to Business” series.

A few years ago, mobile workforce management solutions were only used by businesses with employees who worked in the field or other offsite locations. However, technology has drastically changed since then—and so has the workforce. Today, employees expect a mobile solution for just about everything. They shop, pay bills, and even buy their daily cup of coffee, all from their phones.

Work should be no different. Most of us check emails, message coworkers, and take meetings from our mobile phones. So why not view schedules, request time off, or approve hours? All these actions are possible with mobile workforce management software.

Today’s Workforce Is More Mobile Than Ever

Mobile work rapidly expanded due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and organizations with a solely on-site workforce had to adapt. For example, those accustomed to tracking time and attendance via a physical time clock had to find a solution to accommodate the new work-from-home reality. Mobile solutions have thus become a necessity rather than an option.

Recent research points to an increase in mobile work going forward. According to predictions from the International Data Corporation (IDC), the population of mobile workers in the U.S. will increase from 78.5 million in 2020 to 93.5 million by 2024, and will comprise nearly 60 percent of the total workforce. As more employees begin to work remotely, it will be more critical than ever to have workforce management software that enables time collection, work scheduling, leave management, and more.

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How Mobile Workforce Management Software Can Help

Technology has become essential to manage an increasingly mobile workforce. In fact, recent research from McKinsey found that most companies have accelerated their adoption of technology solutions by 3-4 years since the start of the pandemic.

Modern technology can streamline everyday workforce management activities and give you real-time access to data for better decision-making. If you have yet to invest in a flexible system for your employees and their workflows, now is the time to see how workforce management software can transform your organization.

Here are the top benefits you can expect from today’s workforce management software;

More Efficient Time Collection
Instead of having employees line up to clock in or out, you can empower each employee to independently handle their time management through a time clock app on their phone. Whether employees are on your premises, on another worksite, or on the go, they can easily clock in and out, record break times, and request time off on a personal device.

Support for Workplace Health and Safety
By using a mobile device rather than a physical time clock, employees can avoid contact with shared surfaces and support company health and safety protocols.

Location-Based Visibility of Your Workforce
With geofencing and geolocation capabilities, you can manage facility access and permissions based on each employee’s location. You can also use map-based reporting tools to see where your employees are working in real time.

Efficient Overtime Management
With flexible configuration options, you can set overtime rules and alerts for employees according to department, function, and other pre-set parameters.

Secure Record Management
Using mobile workforce management software doesn’t mean sacrificing security. Time and attendance solutions that are fully encrypted and SOC 2 compliant give you the peace of mind that employee records are safe and secure.

Boost Your Mobile Workforce Management Capability
With mobile workforce management software, you can track time and attendance and empower your workforce at the same time. Instead of being dependent on an on-premises time clock, you can enjoy the freedom of collecting, tracking, and reporting on employee time and attendance, regardless of location.

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