August 6, 2012

With Humanity’s Robust And Versatile Application Behind Him, The Wizard Showed Strength And Poise In His Weightlifting Event


From archery to weightlifting, the Wizard’s strength has come back into play. Since Humanity was born, the Wizard has carried the team on his back, so weightlifting comes extremely naturally to him.

Weightlifting is a sport about strength, skill and stability, and in comparison with other strength sports which test limit strength, Olympic weightlifting tests aspects of human ballistic limits (or explosive strength). As a result, this weightlifting is executed faster and with more mobility and a greater range of motion during their execution than other lifts. Properly executed, Olympic weightlifters can show their dynamic and explosive strengths while still appearing graceful and composed.

”I am absolutely thrilled with the results today… totally speechless. I was a little nervous that my body was a little tired, but I’m just so glad that I pulled through with a win.” – The Humanity Wizard

Learning the basic skills for weightlifting was easy for the Wizard, a newcomer to the sport. And he was fortunate enough to incorporate strength and conditioning into his everyday life at Humanity. Balancing strength with speed and rhythm, the skill movement became automatic overtime as the Wizard’s muscle memory kicked into play. An elite lifter, like our Wizard, can make the lift look natural and graceful. With Humanity’s application and the Wizard working in sync, the Wizard was able to ensure that the perfect skill was mastered and that he was ready to take on the fierce competition at the Olympics.

While we have kept things easy-to-use, we have not spared any features. Humanity’s online software solution is a robust workforce management application that will allow you to streamline your business processes from the moment an employee is hired, to when they are scheduled, to when they first clock in to work and receive their first paycheck.

In the same way that Humanity’s application allows for automatic scheduling and powerful reporting, the perfect lifting motions became ingrained in the Wizard such that it became an automatic flow of actions. After years of using his powerful magic to auto-magically create conflict-free schedules, copy shifts, import schedules and more, for hundreds of Humanity users, this 
seamless and natural feeling gave the Wizard great confidence leading into the final.

As our application is easy-to-use has extremely robust functionality, and has reduced scheduling and time and attendance related work by up to 80% for a number of our users. Even with our ever-growing list of features and functions, the Wizard and the Humanity team aim to deliver a cost-efficient application that never compromises strength for versatility, accuracy and/or flexibility. Strengthen your business, increase productivity, automatically have greater business insight, AND save time, with our robust and powerful scheduling application. Our application can even help with human resources, training and team building!

When the Wizard was up against Pen & Paper, Spreadsheets and the Other Guys, he demonstrated the power of our robust application with ease and elegance. Congrats, Wizard, on yet another gold medal performance!

GO TEAM Humanity!

Happy Scheduling!