February 17, 2023

Feeling Forced to Implement New Software? Don’t Panic.


Mergers and acquisitions are almost always a disrupter to companies and employees who get caught up in them. However, when mergers and acquisitions occur in the software industry, they have a disruptive impact on the people and companies who use the software.

This is happening right now in the HR tech space. No one asks for your input, but suddenly, you get an email saying you must convert or upgrade to the new tool whether you like it or not.

The good news is, YOU HAVE A CHOICE!

Don’t let companies box you into a one-size-fits-all solution with features you don’t need that probably cost more than you’ve budgeted. To make matters worse, these solutions can often take forever to implement, taking your time and focus away from your essential duties.

So, yes, you do have options. And now is the time to explore…before it’s too late.

Time and Attendance Tailored to Your Needs

Tailored solutions are like tailored clothing; they can be easily altered to fit the individual needs. If your current time and attendance provider is forcing you into an expensive upgrade that isn’t the right fit for your organization, now is the time to find a provider that offers that tailored solution to fit your organization’s specific needs.

As the time and attendance experts with a 93 percent customer satisfaction rating, TCP Software works with you to build a solution based on your needs. Our Time Clock Plus software handles your most complex time and attendance needs with extensive reporting capabilities that can be customized to each department’s key KPIs. We understand that whatever your industry, reporting and analytics are the cornerstones of a well-run organization.

Effective reporting helps you operate successfully and make intelligent decisions faster. TCP Analytics, our premier reporting and analytics tool in TimeClock Plus, provides insights to help you to reduce costs, manage compliance, move toward your goals, and stimulate growth. With streamlined charts, graphs, and tables, it’s easy to spot trends and inform corrective action.

We also know you need time collection options that work for your organization and your employees. TCP’s award-winning selection of time clocks include modular attachements that allow you to customize how employees clock in via badge-readers, fingerprint scanners and more. Additionally, we offer web and mobile time clock options that allow employees to perform clock operations whenever and wherever they need, and geofencing to keep you in control of mobile clock operations.

Implementation Doesn’t Need to be Difficult

The most common complaints when implementing complex workforce management systems include a steep learning curve, lack of integration with existing systems and difficulty with reporting and analytics.

After all, do you really have the capacity to spend half a year or more just implementing new software that comes with features you don’t need? Depending on the software’s complexity and your organization’s size, that’s how long it typically takes.

But not TCP Software. Our TimeClock Plus software has an average implementation time of just 62 days! As for the learning curve, our customers say TCP’s TimeClock Plus is intuitive and easy to use no matter how many employees they manage and no matter how those employees need to track their time.

The ERP Integrations You Need, the Support You Deserve

Our software is also ERP agnostic, meaning you don’t have to change your technology. Our TimeClock Plus software integrates with all major EPR and HCM providers, and we also offer hundreds of payroll integrations.

Despite all that, should you need support, TCP Software offers best-in-class 24/7 customer support. Ninety-one percent of calls are answered in 60 seconds, and 71% of support cases are resolved on the same day.

Work with the Time & Attendance Experts

TCP Software’s TimeClock Plus can handle the most complex time and attendance needs, and we can tailor a solution to meet your needs—nothing less, nothing more.

For 35 years, TCP customers have been automating and optimizing employees’ schedules with just a few clicks. They are also benefiting from flexible time collection options—our award-winning time clocks, web- and mobile-based apps—to collect employee time in a way that works best for their organization.

If choosing a tailored solution sounds better than being forced into a complicated one-size-fits-all solution, connect with an expert today. We are the time and attendance experts. It is our bread and butter, not just a tool tacked on to a suite that includes everything but the kitchen sink.