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September 28, 2023

Navigating K-12 teacher shortages with the help of absence and substitute management software

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Relying on substitute teachers is nothing new. But in today’s K-12 schools, finding and keeping them has become more challenging than ever before. At the same time that teachers are leaving the profession in higher numbers, schools also must grapple with a dwindling supply of substitute teachers and higher competition for those who are available.

Research has found that even one school day without a qualified teacher can have a negative effect on student learning outcomes, including lower test scores and higher student absences. State education department data reveals that teacher shortages are so widespread that in 2023, only four states (New Mexico, Florida, New Hampshire, and Louisiana) report having no shortages for the current school year.

To improve fill rates and keep student learning on track, K-12 school districts must take a fresh approach to attracting and retaining substitutes who possess the qualifications, experience, and availability to fill the gaps. Download our eBook to learn four strategies districts are using to help expand substitute pools and become a school district of choice for substitute teachers in an increasingly competitive job market. You’ll also discover how today’s substitute management software can streamline teacher absence management and allows schools to place substitutes where and when they’re needed most.

Get ready to get time right.