September 24, 2021

Key Tools To Manage Absenteeism & Create More Dynamic Schedules

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Over the past 18 months, HR teams have had to remain agile in terms of managing their employees, whether it was adjusting to a remote workforce model or implementing new safety guidelines for workforces who could not work from home. As Covid-19 swept through the country last spring and new variants continue to mutate, HR departments were required to more diligently manage absenteeism when employees could not work due to illness, caring for kids when schools closed or caring for loved ones who contracted the virus. On top of this, as travel restrictions were put into place, HR teams began noticing that employees were not taking their allotted PTO, leaving them feeling overworked and burnt out.

HR leaders understand that remaining flexible is key in today’s ever-evolving work environment. To better manage their workforces and ensure employees can achieve better work-life balance, HR teams can take advantage of tools that help manage absenteeism more effectively while creating more dynamic schedules. Here’s how.

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