February 3, 2022

TCP Software Extends Accessibility and Mitigates Labor Compliance Risks for Humanity Scheduling Users

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TCP’s Humanity Scheduling improves mobile experience with new Apple Watch app and makes building compliant schedules easier with enhanced scheduling rules

AUSTIN, TX — February 3, 2022 — TCP Software, a leading provider of workforce management, time and labor and employee scheduling solutions, today announced new features that make its industry-leading Humanity Scheduling software even more accessible, flexible, and powerful. Enhancements were designed to optimize user experience, both for employees and managers, while also developing a robust set of pre-built and custom rules to dramatically mitigate compliance risks.

As demand for wearables continues in both consumer and business software, TCP’s Humanity Scheduling now matches those growing consumer expectations with an app designed specifically for the market-leading Apple Watch. By launching a Humanity Apple Watch app, TCP sets the standard for mobile convenience and overall user experience, enabling employees to view their schedule right on their wrist and for managers to quickly see who’s clocked in, who’s late, or even who may need to go home. The Humanity App for Apple Watch is available today and can be downloaded directly from the App Store.

TCP has also developed new custom scheduling rules enabling organizations to easily manage their unique and complex use cases. Having a robust library of pre-built rules that cover the most common use cases is a good start, however Humanity has taken this to the next level by empowering customers to define exactly what employee eligibility conflicts must be monitored to stay compliant with unique regulations and/or internal scheduling policies. When customers identify a unique requirement that is not covered by Humanity’s rule library, TCP will partner with the customer to build a custom rule, dramatically reducing the risk associated with non-compliance and easing the burden on the scheduler who otherwise must manage these conflicts manually.

To further mitigate labor compliance risks, TCP has developed a new set of scheduling rules for organizations employing minors. The system uses an employee’s date of birth, school calendars, and the daily and weekly hour caps legally established for minors to mitigate the risk of non-compliance with state and federal child labor laws. TCP partners closely with customers during the setup process to ensure any complexities and foreseeable challenges are fully accounted for, including any differences in laws should the organization have a presence in multiple states.

“Historically, organizations have had to manually problem solve scheduling constraints resulting in unnecessary complexity, decreased productivity and avoidable cost related to creating, managing and changing schedules,” said Suzana Radovic, TCP Software’s product director for scheduling solutions. “Our solution, particularly with enhancements to accessibility, user experience, and partnering with organizations to solve their unique needs, helps ease the scheduler’s burden so organizations can build compliant schedules faster and avoid costly penalties.”

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